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Welcome! We are a husband and wife team that lovingly own and operate this private disc golf course located at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Fall Branch Tennessee. The course consists of 36 permanent holes on 74 acres of rolling hills, woods, and features exposed limestone and sinkholes throughout.

Book a tee time above using the 'Schedule A Round' tab! Whether you live locally or are passing through, we hope the course can bring you fun, peace, and challenge. And maybe you will spy some of our resident gnomes along the way!


Some information to help you find us, or contact us



Phone #

(423) 218-9001


7870 Old Snapps Ferry Rd

Fall Branch, TN 37656

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a private course and a public course?

Public courses are maintained by local governing sources using tax dollars, private courses are maintained by us and funded using greens fees.

What are the greens fees and membership fees used for?

The greens fees and membership fees are used to maintain the course only. This includes gas and maintenance for mowers and the tractor as well as strings for the weedeaters and in general, whatever keeps the fairways fair. We also purchase the membership stickers and are currently saving up to fund future projects such as permanent bathrooms, kiosk, and a pro shop.

What are the hours?

We asked that you do not arrive any sooner than 9 AM. Because this is our home we like to have a few quiet family hours in the morning. We close at 8 PM or when the sunsets, whichever is soonest. If you would like to play outside of these hours please feel free to send as a text message or message us on Facebook to arrange it.

Will I have cellphone service?

You definitely will have cell phone service if you have AT&T or if your cell uses AT&T towers. Verizon’s service has recently improved. Other providers have spotty service.

Where do I park?

There are parking spots across the road from our house. We ask that parking spots directly in front of our house are reserved for us but also left open in order to provide space for tractor and mower paths.

What’s the deal with trash?

Unlike within city limits we do not have public trash pick up. We have a contract with a company that takes bagged trash only so bring a bag with you or please pack in, pack out.

I lost my disc, how do I get it back?

There is a lost and found crate on the front porch of our house. If you are out of town, shoot us a text and we can get it to you.

Why isn't there a tee time on the day/time I want?

Tee times are only available during our open hours that allow you to arrive with enough time for a full round. If there isn't a tee time during open hours, most likely, we are holding a tournament that is closed to non-tournament players. Please use our maps tab to find Premiere Design Disc Golf's site with local tournament schedules.

Can I bring my dog (cat/ hamster/ goat/ whatever)?

Sure! Please bring a leash and clean up after your pet. There is a resident border collie named Chihiro who will love you forever if you throw her a stick. You must be willing to put your pet on a leash if any golfer asks you to do so for any reason and if there are any issues between your pet and Chihiro. We appreciate it in advance.

"Why can't I get to the payment page after registering for a tee time"

Please try either a different browser, clear the cache on your browser, or type calendly.com/harmonhills directly into your search bar. Text/call us if you continue to have issues at 423-218-9001

"It says the tee time I want is full but it is not."

Tee times are pretty flexible so if it is not letting you choose one just choose the next available slot.